Humble Beginning

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Red Root & Co has grown out of my passion to share the best of what I learn and experience about plants and food with my family, friends and community. At first glance, this may seem a limited niche. However, I’ve discovered that plants and food are infinitely and intimately intertwined with our identity, memories, health, and history. 

Listening and understanding have been essential throughout my journey as a sociologist, storyteller, gardener, confidant, educator, and herbalist. While I bring my experiences to this company, the insights and wisdom I’ve been privileged to hear from a wide variety of folks are also very much a part of Red Root. The story of people, plants, food and sustenance is deeply embedded with who I am and what Red Root & Co represents. 

From an early age, the kitchen has been a place of enjoyment, and nibbling vegetables fresh from the garden a giddy delight. My culinary tastes have become more sophisticated from the early years of Saturday morning pancakes, to the more layered presentations of crock-fermented sauerkraut, homemade cheese, and tomato jam. Though all delicious in their own right (and I do enjoy spoiling loved ones with sweet indulgences), I have shifted my focus to using more vibrant, locally grown, and organic ingredients.

Red Rood & Co is the culmination of my lasting love affair with food, plants, people, and merriment in the kitchen. After many years of supplying family and friends with my creations, I am now able to share these offerings with you, foods that are life-giving, tasty, and satisfying. This is not just a bottle of product; it is centuries of tradition infused with a mélange of quality ingredients and passion. 

I adore trying new recipes and reinventing old ones, and I am eager to hear about your culinary experimentations. Constantly playing in the kitchen never grows old.