Our Roots



Red Root & Co handcrafts plant-based tonics, beverages, food preparations, vinegars, teas, and other herbal preparations made with high quality ingredients, primarily using local, organic and fair trade.  At Red Root & Co, we appreciate the diversity of the plant world, and we strive to highlight unique flavors, qualities and nutrients, bringing them from the garden and forest to your palate.

On a personal note, Red Root & Co is a humble unfolding of dreams and passions centered around a love of plants, sustenance, health and tasty nourishment. I’ve been dreaming about food-entrepreneurship for the better part of 33 years, tempting family and friends to indulge my experiments, while progressively discovering the niche I have come to embrace. 

Inquisitively, I follow literature trails, seasoned guides and muddy paths to learn about fruits, vegetables, herbs, fungi and trees.  Life is abloom, made richer with jars of herbs accumulating on horizontal surfaces, patches of yard turned into plots of edible life, and scribbles of recipes tucked in notebooks. At heart, I’m an herb and food nerd, and a bit of a renegade about it. You’ll find me outside or in the kitchen, infusing the wild and the cultivated, blending old with new.

With eagerness, I’m honored to share what I learn, and Red Root & Co is an extension of this process bringing bright, delicious, nutritious variety to your health and your feast.

—  Origin of a Name  —

Red Root is a plant native to North America. It has a long history of use in the herbal medicine cabinet being well known to Native North Americans. Red Root has many attributes, and we wish to honor this invaluable plant and its important place in the modern apothecary.

The plant, Red Root, does not exist in isolation, but rather keeps dynamic Company with her environment. Like this powerful herb we are each unique, recognized for individuality and contribute to a greater system. Red Root & Co is a nod to the beauty of individuality and kinship, and gratitude for the circles in which we thrive.